Corporate Social Responsibility

Establishing a Corporate Social Responsibility strategy is a crucial component of a company's competitiveness in the industry in which it is operating. It is of utmost importance to have policies and procedures that integrate consumers' environmental, social, ethical and human rights concerns into the day-to-day business operations and into the company's core strategy.

GITGE considers Corporate Social Responsibility to be a key challenge. Focusing on long-term capital, we have developed actions aimed at creating opportunities for economic and social mobility in the communities where we operate, regularly investing substantial resources to increase Internet users and technological education, and we have also paid special attention to young people and the economic diversification currently taking place in Equatorial Guinea

We´re looking for talents of all kinds!

TEG CAMPUS is the largest tech event in Central Africa. Our aim is to unite players, innovators and developers, in order to create a professional network, promote entrepreneurship awareness and provide opportunities in the sector. The initiative works as a platform for ICT passionate people and it's all about the digital and new technologies world.
In 2018 and 2019 we reunited Ecuatoguineans with big ideas; startups, freelancers, professionals looking for exposure in the tech field; international guests and local ICT companies. TEG Campus combined many networking opportunities from start to finish, including workshops, panel discussions and contests focused on innovation and creativity.

Do you want to give a boost to your startup?
One of our most innovative programs at TEG CAMPUS has been our Bootcamp & Pre-incubation Program. Through an application process, teams with innovative projects were selected to undergo a 5-day bootcamp. The winner would then go on to experience a 6-month pre-incubation phase, in which the selected team will be given free co-working space, personalized advice, carry out practical workshops and participate actively in the business community.


GITGE connect

A public WiFi scheme which provides free access to internet to all citizens of Equatorial Guinea. It was launched in 2018 at the Equatorial Guinea Cultural Center and the Paseo Maritimo (a seaside promenade), both in Malabo the capital city of Equatorial Guinea. We rolled out access to the Malabo National Park in 2019, in addition to several locations in the Bata Promenade area.


Anyone can access to our free Wi-Fi by just registering your name and email.
Three more open hotspots to be opened by 2020
We are taking GITGE Conectate to remote areas in the country.

GITGE Conéctate

Un esquema de Wifi público que proporcione acceso gratuito a internet a todos los ciudadanos de Guinea Ecuatorial. Se lanzó en 2018 en el Paseo Marítimo de Malabo, la capital de Guinea Ecuatorial. En la segunda fase implementamos el acceso al en el Centro Cultural Ecuatoguineano, el Parque Nacional de Malabo, y el Paseo Marítimo de Bata.


Cualquiera puede acceder a nuestra conexión Wifi gratuita simplemente registrando su nombre y correo electrónico.
Llevaremos GITGE Conéctate a las demás zonas remotas del país.
Cuatro nuevos puntos de acceso a internet gratuito se conectarán en 2020