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Financial department

Responsible for Accounting and Financial Analysis,
controlling and recording the expenses and income of all the economic operations that are carried out in GITGE,
in addition to diagnosing the economic situation of the company with the objective of helping in the decision making process.

Commercial and Marketing

Our Commercial and Marketing Department is focused on the corporate sector, in the promotion of business and in the external clients. It is responsible for sales, ensuring the generation of revenue for the company.
In addition to that the team is responsible for creating dissemination strategies and defining the most appropriate ways to reach our target audience, as well as the relationship with customers already acquired.

Technical Department

It is the department responsible for managing the entire operation process of our submarine and terrestrial network.
It controls the entry and consumption of data, provides logistical support, manages the use and maintenance of machinery and equipment, and tracks the company's productivity levels.
Its function is to ensure that the operation is carried out ensuring that the company obtains the highest possible efficiency.

Human resources and logistics

The human resources and logistics department makes the selection of professionals to compose the staff of our institution and once they are hired, guides our professionals about the goals and objectives of the company. When it comes to logistics, the department deals with the planning and management of the materials flow in an effective manner, with the creation and implementation of control and improvement systems.

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