National Fiber Optic Network

The National Fiber Optic Trunk Network project is divided into two areas:

National Trunk Network

It connects a total of 19 cities, 3 on the Island of Bioko (Malabo, Luba and Riaba) and the rest (16) in the Continental Region (Bata, Bachinda, Niefang, Nkimi, Nkue, Micomeseng, Bidjabijan, Ebibeyin, Ayene, Anisoc , Mongomeyen, Mongomo, Oyala, Evinayong, Bicurga).

Metropolitan Network

It is developed specifically in Malabo and Bata, connecting the main points of the city, including the locations of ACE and Ceiba-1.


The National Fiber Optic Trunk Network


Our network

GITGE owns one of the continents most advanced full-service technological infrastructure, both submarine and onshore cables strategically positioned in Central Africa.